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Open Education in Turkey

Open Education Faculty Associate Degree Programs:

  1. Emergency and Disaster Management**
  2. Justice
  3. Cooking
  4. Banking and insurance
  5. Information Management
  6. Computer Programming
  7. Office management and Executive Assistant*
  8. Geographic Information Systems
  9. Call Center Services
  10. Child Development
  11. Foreign Trade
  12. Real estate and Property Management
  13. Disability care and Rehabilitation**
  14. housekeeping
  15. Photography and camerawork
  16. Public relations and Publicity
  17. Law Office Administration and Secretariat
  18. Theology (Arabic))*****
  19. Theology
  20. Human Resources Management
  21. Business Management
  22. Occupational Health and safety
  23. Cultural heritage and Tourism
  24. Laborant and Veterinary Health**
  25. Logistics
  26. Brand Communication
  27. Media and communication
  28. Securities and Capital Markets
  29. Accounting and tax applications
  30. Private security and protection****
  31. Retail sales and store management
  32. Radio and television programming
  33. Advertising
  34. Health Institutions Management
  35. Social Services
  36. Sports Management
  37. Civil Air Transportation Management
  38. Agriculture
  39. Medical documentation and secretarial*
  40. Tourism and Hotel Management**
  41. Tourism and Travel Services**
  42. Web design and coding
  43. Elderly Care
  44. Local Governments


Open Education in Turkey

Open Education Faculty Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Child Development
  2. Philosophy
  3. Public relations and advertising
  4. Public relations and Publicity
  5. Health Management
  6. Sociology
  7. Social Work
  8. Date
  9. Geography
  10. Turkish language and literature
  11. Management Information Systems
  12. Human Resources Management
  13. Occupational Health and safety
  14. Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
  15. Economics
  16. Public Administration
  17. Public Administration and Political Science
  18. Finance
  19. International Relations English)******
  20. International Relations
  21. Political science and International Relations
  22. Aviation Management****
  23. Business Administration (English)******
  24. Business
  25. Hospitality Management***
  26. International Trade and Logistics Management

* There is a practice lesson (keyboard teaching) in these programs.

** There is a compulsory internship application in these programs.

*** There is an optional internship application in this program.

**** Special conditional programs.

***** The language of instruction of the program is Arabic.

****** The language of instruction of the program is English.


**** Open Education Faculty

private security and protection Associate Degree Program candidates to enroll in a full-fledged official hospital, do not have physical and mental barriers to make this profession, male candidates from 1.70 m, female candidates are not shorter than 1.63 m certifying that the Health Board report and the documents showing that there are no criminal records together with other


**** Any health problems (hearing loss/deficiency, lack of vision, etc.) that would prevent the candidates to enroll in the Faculty of Business Aviation Management undergraduate program from obtaining an airport entry card, or any document showing that there is no judicial record or judicial record archive record, which would prevent them from performing the job given in this profession and/or) they are required to submit the report of the board of health from a full-fledged hospital to the Office of the Ministry of Health along with other registration documents.


Open Education Faculty

of theology (Arabic) Associate of the Faculty of Economics International Relations (English) Faculty of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (English) special conditions for registration to the undergraduate programs of the College second

There are no compulsory preparatory classes in these programs. The language of instruction of this program is Arabic and English.

Student selection and placement centre (OSYM) or at least 60 points from foreign language exam conducted by OSYM made by the international equivalence of foreign language exams accepted by the Higher Education Commission YOKDIL those who have achieved foreign language proficiency exam received a score equivalent to the score considered.

The Foreign Language designated as the language of instruction is spoken as an official language in a country where citizens of that country for at least the last 3 years of teaching in secondary schools Foreign Language proficiency is considered to have successfully completed belgeleyen achieved.

Those who provide foreign language preparatory education and certify that any higher education institution included in the OSYs manual has successfully completed its preparatory education within the last 5 years shall be deemed to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Students/graduates of translation and interpreting programs are deemed to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Students/graduates of English language and literature programs are deemed to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Those who study /graduate in English are deemed to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Students/graduates of the English Language Teaching Program are considered to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Those who succeed in the proficiency exam of other universities are deemed to have achieved foreign language proficiency.

Those who have been successful in the foreign language preparatory class and whose grades are not mentioned in the articles written to the relevant authority shall be deemed to have achieved the proficiency of the foreign language.

Open Education in Turkey

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