Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

1.What is YÖS?

The abbreviated name of the foreign student exam that foreign students who wish to study for a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in any university in Turkey can enter is YÖS.

Every year, 5 thousand university students from different nationalities in Turkey take this exam. Foreign students can apply to universities in Turkey according to the results of the YÖS exams and students who take enough  score are eligible to register.

How is the foreign student examination (YÖS) conducted in Turkey?

Following this decision announced in 2010, universities have started to organize YÖS exams for the students they will accept. For each student to take the YÖS exam, the universities announce on their official internet addresses the requirements of the students who want to take the exam, the application stages of the exam, the date of the exam and the fees for the exam.

The YÖS exam results applied by universities in Turkey are valid for two years. The exam results are valid only within the University where the exam is taken, and there may be some exceptional cases. Although each semester is different, some university departments and associations accept each other’s exams and can apply to different university departments with the same YÖS score.

Where do foreign students ‘ exam (YÖS) questions come from?

The foreign students ‘ exam consists of math, geometry and IQ questions.

What should be considered in the application of YOS:

The department you want to study in is at the University where you apply for the YÖS exam;

Making exam applications on time;

Payment of exam fees on time and sending receipts to universities;

Payment of exam fees according to your exam center;

(Exam fees vary from country to country.)

All required documents for the YÖS exam application should be ready;

Paying attention to YÖS exam dates;

After missing the application deadline, the application cannot be made.

Fulfillment of YÖS application requirements;


Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Universities without examination in turkey

Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

2.So what happens if you don’t want to take the Yös exam or if you have taken the exam but you don’t get a good score and you don’t get a college degree?

As Profmet Consulting, there is of course a solution that we will present to you in this regard.

We can help you to win  a University in Turkey with only your high school diploma points without taking any exams. For this, you must have a high school diploma or be studying in your senior year. The required documents are as follows:


  1. High School Diploma original and approved Turkish translation
  2. High school transcript and approved Turkish translation
  3. Passport copy and certified Turkish translation
  4. Equivalence certificate (to be obtained from Turkish embassies in their countries or national education directorates in Turkey)
  5. Portrait

Note: you can choose any department with high school diploma score. We guarantee you 100% of the degree you want, but which university you will win depends on many factors, such as your high school diploma score, your preferred degree, your age and the date of submission of documents.

Turkish Universities Annual Fees

Annual fees of Public Universities average $ 200 – $ 2,000 (average $2,000 – $10,000 for departments such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy)

Annual fees of private universities average $ 3,000- $ 30,000

Accommondation Costs For Students In Turkey, House Rents And Dormitories.

Foreign students who come to Turkey to study there are a number of affordable options that they can choose for their accommodation. For those who prefer a dormitory as a place to stay, there are state and private dormitories in all cities where there are universities, and the average monthly expenses are between 50$ and 100$ for the state dormitories. For private dormitories, the average is between 100$ – 300 $

Another option that is widely preferred as a place to stay is to rent a house. If you rent a house with four or five students, you get around $ 100 – $ 150 per month, including all the average food and drink costs.

Scholarship Education In Turkey

Ways For Foreigners Tow Win  University In Turkey

3.So, I have dream to study at University in Turkey, but my financial situation is insufficient, what can I do?

Yes, as Profmet Consulting, there is an option that we can offer you.

Scholarship Education In Turkey

Turkey Scholarships

With the application of Turkey scholarships, which received approximately 4000 applications in its first year, in 2012, there has been a rapid increase in the number of applications over the years and 130 thousand applications have been reached in 2018.

Close communication with international students continues not only during their education but also after graduation. Students who have completed their tertiary education in Turkey become volunteer country ambassadors who build friendship bridges between Turkey and their countries. Therefore, the Turkey Alumni Network was established to protect our ties with graduates around the world.

Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

What Does The Scholarship Cover?

Undergraduate Scholarship Programm

Monthly payment:  100$ per month

Tuiton fee

One-time return airfare

Health Insurance


One-Year Turkish Language Course

Award Duration: 1 year Turkish course + 4-6 years (depending on the normal duration of the program)


Graduate Scholarship Programm

Monthly allowance:

Master’s degree: 150$ per month

PhD: 200$ per month

Tuition fee

One-time return airfare

Health Insurance


ne-Year Turkish Language Course

Length of award:

Master’s degree: 1 year Turkish Language Course + 2 years

PhD: 1 year Turkish Language Course + 4 years


Achievement Fellowship Program (1 year))

Monthly allowance:

Bahcelor’s: 70$ per month

Master’s degree: 90$ per month

PhD: 125$ per month

The success scholarship program does not cover accommodation and other facilities.


Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Application Criteria

Minimum Academic Criteria:

Minimum academic achievement for undergraduate candidates: 70%

Minimum academic achievement for graduate and doctoral degree candidates: 75%

Minimum academic achievement for candidates in Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry and pharmacy): 90%


Age criteria:

Being under the age of 21 for undergraduate programs.

Being under 30 years of age for Master’s degree programs.

Being under 35 years of age in doctoral programs.


Required Documents

  1. A valid identity card/card or a valid passport (Turkish translation)
  2. A recent photo of the candidate
  3. National exam results (if any))
  4. Diploma and provisional graduation certificate (Turkish translation)
  5. Of Academic Transcripts (translated in Turkish)
  6. International exam results (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS, SAT…etc.)); if requested by the selected program.
  7. Language exam results (if requested by the selected program)
  8. A written example of the research proposal and the work you have done (for doctoral applications only ))


Important Details:

It provides education in Turkish language to many programs in Turkish universities. Together, some departments and universities may offer programs in English and other languages. Candidates who wish to study in such programs must have an internationally accepted language proficiency certificate. (TOEFL and other equivalent certificates). Most of these programs demand internationally accepted test results (GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.). Candidates can control the language of instruction when selecting the programs in the application system.

Undergraduate candidates with international qualifications such as SAT or GCSE, rather than national exam scores, will be required to provide the minimum required qualifications to have completed secondary education, according to these international exams

Studets who does not have Turkish certificate they should go to Turkish Educational Center for 1 year for taking C1 certificate.


Ways For Foreigners To Win University In Turkey

Can foreigners win a university in Turkey?

How can foreigners gain University in Turkey?

Can foreigners win university without examination in Turkey?

Which universities in Turkey take foreigner students without exams?


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