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Study in Turkey


a) provided that they are in their senior year of high school or have graduated;.

1) Foreign nationals,

2) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and who have obtained permission from the Ministry of Interior to leave Turkish citizenship and certify that they have. A document on the exercise of the rights recognized by their underage children registered in the. Turkish citizenship certificate in accordance with the Turkish citizenship law, (7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901. Article “(1) the child born in the. Union of marriage from the parents of a Turkish citizen in or outside Turkey is a Turkish citizen.”there is provision and it is useful for candidates who apply for admission quotas from abroad to examine the Turkish citizenship law.)

Study in Turkey


Those who have subsequently gained citizenship while foreign nationals and who have become Turkish citizens / dual nationals in this situation.


A) Those who completed the last three years of their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC (including those who completed all. Of their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country other than TRNC in Turkish schools opened to the MEB) can apply for admission quotas from abroad” b). Candidates who started their secondary education abroad after 01/02/2013) to be able to apply (including those who have completed all of them in Turkish schools which have been opened to the. MEB in a foreign country outside the TRNC).


those who are TRNC Nationals; those who reside in. TRNC and have gceal Exam Results who have completed their secondary education (high school) in TRNC and those who have. GCE Al exam results by enrolling and studying in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010.

acceptance of applications,

b) Candidates


T.C. those who are nationals and complete their secondary education (high school) in Turkey or TRNC,.


K.K.T.C. of the Nationals (all secondary education (High School) K.T.Except those who finish in C high schools and have GCE AL results, and those who enroll and study in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010, who have or will have GCE AL exam results),.


first nationality with birth defined in Paragraph 2 of Article AC. of dual nationals, except those who provide the conditions in paragraph 4 of article a)


one of his nationality is K.K.T.C. except those who have completed all of their secondary education (high school) in TRNC high schools and have GCE AL results, and who have GCE Al exam results by enrolling and studying in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010.),.
5) Turkish embassies within the schools and foreign high schools in Turkey to see their education.The first nationality of the C nationality or the first nationality of the birth defined in Paragraph 2 of Article A is T.Dual nationals with C
non-acceptance of applications,.

C-Principles Regarding Admission Conditions Of Universities:


the countries ‘ own national examinations, International Examinations, Secondary (High School) grade point averages, examination conducted by the University, etc. to submit to the approval of the General Assembly of Higher Education in the form of a directive or regulation adopted by the university senates of the principles related to the admission of students from abroad, including the minimum scores of the methods to be used in the admission of students,.


Adding a material assurance amount to the requirements and principles to be determined by the universities in order to ensure that the financial facilities of the. Students from abroad provide the opportunity to pursue their higher education in our country,.


The acceptance letter or equivalent document regulations of the. Universities in our country to the students who are legally accepted from the foreign nationals in our country, the relevant boards of. Higher Education Institutions in the decommissioning period of the candidates applying for the examination by. The relevant higher education institution to provide the application requirement for the candidates who,.


To prepare promotional documents and catalogues for students from abroad to enable them to choose the Universities of our country,. To encourage the participation of our universities in educational fairs abroad and to create foreign student offices within the universities in order to help the students who apply or come,.


the higher education institutions determine the application calendar within the framework of the quota of. Students from abroad and indicate it in the academic calendar and inform the presidency of the. Higher Education Council about the information about the enrolled students,.


evaluation of the Turkish level of students from abroad by the relevant higher education institution within the framework of the conditions determined by the. University in which they have earned the right of admission and the required documents
it was deemed appropriate.

* : Council of State 8.

According to the decision given by the department to stop the execution of Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 21.5.2014 on the basis of the authority given to the Executive Board of Higher Education dated 16.07.2014 on the decision taken in relation to candidates who can apply.[/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row] . Study in Turkey

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